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Getting Started With Hep.GG Notifier

Thank you for your interest in Hep.GG notifier! This page will rundown the basics of the application, starting with downloading it to your device, and then completing the intial setup.

Downloading Hep.GG Notifier

Initial Application Setup

Allowing Notifications

Upon the initial launch of the application, you will be prompted to allow the app to send notifications to your device.

This is required for Hep.GG Notifier to send push notifications.

Android Allow Notifications Screenshot

Subscribing To a Topic

Subscribing to a topic is as simple as tapping the + in the bottom-right corner which will open a pop-up to enter the topic name.

Once you've entered the topic name, tap Subscribe and you're done!

Now that you're subscribed, you should see an empty screen like the 3rd image.

Android Notifier Home ScreenAndroid Notifier Add DialogAndroid Notifier Example Topic

Want to change the settings of a topic? Check out the Per-Topic Settings section of the settings page.

Unsubscribing From a Topic

Unsubscribing from a topic is as simple opening the menu in the top right, from there you can see the Unsubscribe option.

From there, you can now see the DELETE PERMANENTLY button, which will delete the topic from your device.

Android Notifier Sandwich MenuAndroid Notifier Delete Confirmation

There is no option to Un-Do the deletion of a topic, so be sure when deleting to avoid spending time re-adding topics.