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Queue Controls

Queue Guide

Want to view the queued up songs? Follow this simple guide and you'll be able to check the next playing songs, and remove queued songs in no time!

Viewing the Queue

To view the queue, you can simply use the /queue command as seen below, this will list all of your upcoming tracks as well as what is currently playing.

Showing the Queue

Removing a Song from the Queue

Added the wrong song? You can remove a song from the queue by using /remove [Song Number], making sure to use the correct song number.

Removing a Song

Shuffling the Queue

To shuffle the order of the queue you can use /shuffle, randomising in which order the songs will play.

Shuffling the Queue

Stopping the Queue

Want to stop the songs playing in queue? You can use /stop and Zira Music will stop playing and not play the next song.

Using Stop

Once another song is queued, the queue will resume with the new song being added to the back of the queue.