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Basic Playlist Commands

Zira Music supports playlists, these are an easy way to make and save a collection of songs to replay whenever you want!

Creating a Playlist

To make a playlist, you first need to use the /playlist create [Name] [External URL] command. The [External URL] field is optional, using it will import songs from an external platform such as YouTube.

Creating a Playlist

Adding Songs to the Playlist

Now that you've created a playlist, it's time to add some music! You can simply use /playlist add [Playlist] [Search], the search box functions exactly the same as /search with the button embed to select your exact song.

Adding a Song

Playing your Playlist


Need a list of all of your playlists? You can use /playlist list and Zira Music will give you a full list!

You can use /playlist play [Playlist] [Option] and Zira Music will queue every song from that Playlist as seen below. Optionally, you use use the Shuffle option to randomise the order of the songs.

Playing the Playlist

Other Playlist Commands

Showing a Playlists Contents

Want to see what songs are within a playlist? You can use /playlist show [Playlist] and Zira Music will produce a list of every song within the playlist, alongside a URL to it's source.

Playlist Contents

Removing Songs from a Playlist

To delete specific songs within a playlist, you can run /playlist remove [Playlist] [Song Number]. Make sure to input the correct song number as this cannot be reversed, without manually re-adding the song.

Removing Playlist Songs

Deleting a Playlist

You can delete playlists by using /playlist delete [Playlist], this will permanently delete your playlist and all of the songs that are stored within.

Deleting a Playlist


Make sure you select the correct playlist when deleting as this process is permanent and cannot be reversed!