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Music Commands

Media Controls


All of Zira Music's commands are slash commands, this means that every command within this guide will begin with a /.

Before using any of the commands below, make sure to join a Voice Channel, which Zira Music has permissions to join.

Playing Music

To play music with Zira Music, you can use the /play [Search] command, as seen below. Within the [search] box you can either enter either a Youtube, Spotify or other streaming service URL. This will also make Zira Music join your current voice channel if she is not playing music in another.

Playing with a URL

Alternatively you can also use the /search [Song Name] command, Zira Music will then find all the matching results and display them within the embed. You can use the buttons to either move around the search box, and finally select the correct song.

Searching for a Song

Pausing & Resuming Music

If you would like to pause Zira Music, you can use the /pause command as seen below.

Pausing a Song

Want to restart the party? Use the /resume command and the bot will pick off from where it left off within the queue!

Resuming a Song


Want to keep a saved preset of your favourite songs? Check out our Playlist guide!

Skipping a Song

Current song not fitting your style? You can use /skip to skip to the next song in queue.

Skipping a Song

Stopping the Music

You can make Zira Music leave your voice channel by using the /leave [option] command, please note that if there is other users within your voice channel, Zira Music will not leave.

Leaving the Channel


Want Zira Music to forcefully leave? If you have Move Members permission, you can use the force option to force Zira Music to leave, regardless of other users within the channel.

Volume Controls

Zira Music supports volume controls, from 0% to 200%! To change the bots current volume you can use /volume [Percentage] command as seen below. By default, the volume is at 100%.

Chaning Volume

Looping Music

You can set Zira Music to repeat either the current song, or the entire queue once it has finished playing. The songs will continually loop until they are manually disabled as seen below.

Looping a Song

/loop song [True]
/loop song [False]

Looping a Queue

/loop queue [True]
/loop queue [False]