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Redeeming Keys

Importing Keys


Before Keys can be redeemed, they must first be imported into KeyBot which will store and distribute them. KeyBot facilitates the uploading of keys via either; .txt (via newlined keys), .csv or a .json files.

Using the Import Command

Keys can be imported using /import [Pool Name] [File Upload]! The slash command should guide you through ensuring that you have correctly uploaded the file.

Import Command

Once the command has been submitted, KeyBot will confirm whether you would like to upload the keys, it will also inform you on how many keys it is going to upload. Once you press confirm, the keys will be imported and stored by KeyBot.

Import Confirmation

Redeeming Keys

There are two ways that keys can be redeemed, if a Key Pool is set to public users can claim keys themselves, up to the specified limit, otherwise developers must manually grant users keys from either public or private pools.

Redeeming Keys as a User

Users can use /claim [Pool Name] to claim a key from that Pool, this will dispense a random key from the key pool and give it to the user. If a user has reached their key limit for that pool, it will not dispense a key.

If the key type is set to Steam, it will also display a Steam redemption link with the key autofilled into the URL.

Claiming Keys

Granting Keys as a Developer

As a Developer, you may manually grant a key to a user with /grant [User] [Pool Name]! This will DM the specified user with a random key from the pool.


Unlike /claim, when granting users keys manually from a pool, this will bypass the key redemption limit that is setup on pools.

Granting Keys

Here is user perspective, when a key is granted to them.

Granting Keys DM