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Key Pool Bans and Logging

Key Pool Bans

KeyBot supports banning users from redeeming keys from Key Pools, either per Key Pool or per Guild basis. Banned users cannot claim any keys from the guilds / pools that they are banned from irrespective of the key redemption limit.

Banning per Key Pool

/bans add pool [Pool Name] [@User]
/bans remove pool [Pool Name] [@User]

Banning per Guild

/bans add guild [@User]
/bans remove guild [@User]

You can view all of your pool or guild bans with /ban list {Pool Name}!

Logging with KeyBot

A simple guide to logging with KeyBot.

Warning Logging

Warning logging will post a message in the specified log channel once a Key Pool has had more than 90% or all of it's keys claimed.

/channels set [Warnings Channel] [#Channel]
/channels remove [Warnings Channel]

Pool Empty Log

General Logging

KeyBot will log general tasks, such as successfully importing keys or if a warning log was unsuccessfully sent.

/channels set [Logs Channel] [#Channel]
/channels remove [Logs Channel]

Logging Log