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Creating a Key Pool

Key Pool Creation Guide

All of KeyBots commands are slash commands, this means that all commands with begin with /.

You can use the table of contents on the right side to quickly navigate through this document.

Step 1 - Creating the Key Pool

Use the /create command, this will begin the setup guide. Once open, you can enter both the name of your Key Pool and the Game that is attached to the keys.


Make sure to make the name of your Key Pool easy to type and memorable! Both users and developers will need to enter the Pool name when claiming / granting keys.

Pool Create Prompt

Step 2 - Public or Private Key Pool

A new dialogue box should appear! Choosing Private will prevent server members from claiming keys by themselves, requiring a staff member to manually grant the keys to the user. Don't worry, this can be changed later.

Pool Privacy

Step 3 - Number of Claimable Keys

Here you can use the buttons to configure how many keys each user can claim from this pool. You can use the textbox to manually enter a value between 0-300. Once your desired value has been selected, you can press Confirm.

Number of Keys

Step 4 - Defining Key Type

Now you can choose between Steam and Custom key types with the dropdown menu. Steam key types will provide a redemption link to Steam which users can click to activate the key. Whereas Custom simply provides users with the key that has been stored.

Key Type Option

Your Completed Key Pool

Your Key Pool will now be created, KeyBot will summarise all of your chosen settings, which can be edited when needed.

You can view all of your current Key Pools and their associated settings with /pools.

Finished Pool

Additional Information


Made a typo during setup? Don't worry, you can use /edit [Pool Name] [Option] to edit the settings of your Key Pool!

Moderator Roles

Moderator Roles can be set on key pools or the guild to allow members of staff to both grant and import keys into their pools, as well as editing the pool information.

Pool Moderator Commands

/mod pool add [Pool Name] [@Role]
/mod pool remove [Pool Name] [@Role]

Guild Moderator Commands

/mod set [@Role]
/mod disable [@Role]

There is a limit of 1 Guild Moderator role for the entire server however, there is no limit on Pool Moderator roles.