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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Configuring Permissions

Permission Levels

To distinguish permissions, Hydra ModMail has 6 preset permission levels. A higher number also grants all of the permissions from the levels below it. An outline of each of the 6 permission levels are shown in the table below.

Permission LevelPermissions Granted
1Grants access to READ ONLY, currently open threads.
2Grants access to read threads from log URLs (e.g as they are OAuth protected.
3Grants permission to reply to currently open threads.
4Grants permission to create new threads with users, using the m/new command.
5Grants permission to close currently open threads.
6Grants access to your instance settings, such as the m/set commands to change configured variables.

Assigning Permissions to Roles


Only the instance owner will be able to use the following commands, level 6 permissions does not grant access to edit any assigned role levels on the ModMail instance.

You can assign a permission level to any role within your server using m/role add <Role ID> <Permission Level> as seen in the example below. If this command errors, please make sure the permission level set is between 1-6.

Assigning Role Perms

Removing Permissions from Roles

You can remove a permission level from a role using m/role remove <Role ID>, this will remove all ModMail permissions from that role. You can see an example of this command being used below.

Removing Role Perms

Checking Assigned Permissions

You can see a list of all of the currently assigned role permissions by using m/role list. This will provide each role which is configured, and the permission level that it is currently set to.

Role Permissions List