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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Handling Threads

Basic Thread Guide

Opening Threads

Users can open threads by simply DMing your Hydra ModMail instance, this will then create a channel within your server in the following format, #[USERNAME]-[0000], with [0000], representing the users discriminator. You can see an example of an open ModMail thread below.

ModMail Channel

Within this channel, you will see the beginnings of a ModMail thread. An information box is provided, including a links to the users previous ModMail threads. The users message to ModMail will also be displayed below this box.

Example Thread Opening

When creating the thread, Hydra also customises the channels topic, with similar information to the information box which is posted at the top of new tickets.

Channel Topic

Opening Threads via Command

Additionally, you can also forcefully open tickets with users within your server using the m/new <User ID> command, this will create a ModMail thread similar to if the user had DMed ModMail, as seen above.

Replying to Threads

Replying to threads is easy! You can use m/reply <Message Here>, alternatively you can use m/areply <Message Here> to send a message anonymously, this will hide the username of the staff member replying. You can see examples of both of these commands being used within the ModMail thread below.

Want a quick way to send preset replies? Check out our canned messages guide here!

Replying to Thread


You can use m/r <Message Here> and m/ar <Message Here> as abbreviated versions of the reply commands!

Closing Threads

You can close an open thread using m/close [Timer], this will delete the ModMail channel and create a log in your configured log channel. Optionally, you can use the [Timer] to close the thread after a specified period of the user not replying.

Closing With Timer

If a user replies during this time, the timer will be cancelled and the channel will not be deleted.

Auto-close Cancel

Other Information

Blacklisting Users

Someone causing you hassle? You can blacklist users from creating new ModMail threads by using m/blacklist add <User ID>.

Blacklisting a User

Alternatively, within an open ModMail thread, you can simply just use m/blacklist and it will blacklist the user attached to the open thread.

Blacklisting via Thread

You can use m/blacklist remove <User ID> to remove an existing blacklist from a user, allowing them to create new ModMail threads.

Reply Notifications

Want to be notified when a user replies to a ModMail thread? You can use m/alert within a ModMail thread channel and you will be pinged on every response.

Enabling Alerts

Running this command again within the same channel will disable the ping.

Disabling Alerts