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Getting Started With Hydra Modmail


To follow this guide, you require a Hydra ModMail instance. You can purchase your own instance here.

Are you a charitable organisation or a non-profit that are looking for a Hydra ModMail instance? Contact us within our Discord server and we will be happy to discuss options.

Inviting Your Instance

Already bought your instance? Make sure that you've joined our main server here so we will be able to contact you!

Once your instance is created by a member of our team (please be patient as this process is not immediate), you'll receive a DM with an invite link allowing you to invite your instance to your server, similar to the example screenshot below.

Example Invite



Your Hydra ModMail instance will require the following permissions once within your server, Read Messages, Send Messages, Manage Channels, Manage Messages, Use External Emojis and Embed Links, without these permissions your ModMail instance may not function correctly.

Congratulations, now you have invited your new ModMail instance! Your Hydra instance will come pre-configured with the information you gave us when purchasing Hydra ModMail such as categories, and Guild IDs. Made a mistake? Don't worry, you can change your configured settings with our configuration guide found here!

However, you will need to configure role permissions, these permissions grant staff members within your server the ability to use the bot. You can see a full detailed guide on configuring permissions here!