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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Mention Commands

Basic Guide

This page will go over Drunk o'Bot's "mention" commands, all of these commands require a user to be pinged when using the commands, for example, d!slap [@User].


Throughout this page, the default prefix of d! will be used. Want to change your prefix? Check out our prefix guide here!


As of Drunk o'Bot V2, Drunk o'Bot will no longer actually ping the user on the bots reply!

Bean Command

Had to urge to throw some beans at someone? With the power of Drunk o'Bot, your wish can come into reality by using the following command d!bean <@User>!

Throwing Beans

Flirt Command

Want to flirt with another user? You can use d!flirt <@User> to show your affection to your favourite person.


Simp Command

Want to calculate your simping compatiblity score with another user? You can use d!flirt <@User> and Drunk o'Bot will run the numbers for you, as seen in the example below.

Simping Calculator

Simping Score


You can reward a friend by giving them a virtual cookie with d!givecookie <@User>! Please note, that only chocolate chip cookies are able to gifted currently, this is due to stock shortages.

Giving a Cookie

Hug Command

You can now your favourite companion with the hug command! Simply use d!hug <@User> as seen below.


Punch Command

Now you can express your anger in a not-so-recommended way, with the d!punch <@User> command! Though, results may not go as planned.


Kiss Command

Ever wanted to express your affection? Using the d!kiss <@User> command makes it easy!


Bonk Command

You can now express your disapproval via the d!bonk <@User> command. Please note, Geese are not included.


Lick Command

You can now lick another person using d!lick <@User>, we'll just try not to judge...


"Moderation" Commands


Drunk o'Bot will not actually warn/kick/ban users. These commands are purely for fun and simply imitate real moderation commands. Looking for a strong and full featured moderation bot? Check out HepBoat here!

Warning a User

Found a troublemaker? You can try and warn them by using d!warn <@User> and Drunk o'Bot will try their best to punish the individual!

Warning a User

Kicking a User

Want to try and kick a user from your server? You can try asking Drunk o'Bot with the d!kick <@User> but as seen below... results may vary.

Kicking a User

Banning a User

Has someone lead you to the end of your rope? You can banish them from your server using d!ban <@User>, though relying on Drunk o'Bot to complete the task is optimistic...

Banning a User