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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Getting Started With Drunk o‘Bot


Experience any problems with Drunk o'Bot while following this documentation? Join our Support Server and use the #other-support channel and we will help you out from there!

Thanks for looking into using Drunk o'Bot, this page will kickstart you with the basics of using Drunk o'Bot!

Inviting Drunk o'Bot


To invite Drunk o'Bot to your server, you will need the Manage Server permission, for full functionality, Drunk o'Bot may require additional permissions but this will be explained within the guide.

You can invite Drunk o'Bot with this link, you will see the following options.

Drunkbot Invite Page

Make sure to select your server from the dropdown list, and click Continue, you will now see a page like the one below.

Drunkbot Invite Permissions

Ensuring that all of the permissions are ticked, you can now press Authorise and Drunk o'Bot will join your selected server!


If you do not want a Managed Role on your server, you may untick the options above, despite this please make sure it has all of the above permissions within your server from another role, to ensure that Drunk o'Bot can function correctly.

Additional Information

Changing Drunk o'Bot's Prefix

Drunk o'Bot's default prefix is d!, but a lot of commands also now use Discord's slash commands (/) system. You can change Drunk o'Bot's default prefix, however. If you use the /prefix set command, as seen below. Alternatively, if you do not know the currently set prefix, you can also use the command /prefix view.

Changing Prefix

Help Command

Unsure on how a specific command works or what it does? You can use /help <Command Name> and Drunk o'Bot will respond with the command's correct function and usage, as well as any aliases that exist of that commmand.

Help for Commands

Running the /help command by itself will allow you to navigate through each page will buttons, listing every command that Drunk o'Bot has to offer!

Help Command


Any beers missing from your minifridge after inviting Drunk o’Bot to your server, is entirely and purely coincidental and we are not held nor liable or responsible.