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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Activity Commands

Drunk o'Bot features a variety of activites which will occasionally post a message, depending on the type in the select channel. You can see more details below.

Listener Events

Enabling/Disabling Listener Events

Listener events will occasionaly post beer and wine related messages in your selected channel(s), you can use the below commands to either enable or disable these events.

d!listener enable #Channel
d!listener disable #Channel

Alternatively, you can see an example of enabling a listener event below.

Enabling Listener Event

You can see some examples of the variety of listener events below, for beer, wine, and mental health support.

Listener Event Example

Listing Listener Event Channels

You can the following command to list all of the channels that are enabled for listener events.

d!listener list

Listing Listener Channels

General Activities

Enabling/Disabling Activities

Activity events will occasionally post random beer related messages in the selected channel(s), unlike listener events, these are not interactive and are simply just messages.

d!activity enable #Channel
d!activity disable #Channel

You can also see an example of enabling an activity channel below.

Enabling Activity Event

Below you can see an example of an activity event, in this instance a message with a reaction appears with the goal being to be the first one to claim the beer! Are you a user of the economy system? If so, Drunk o'Bot will reward or remove BoozeCoin from you during these events!

Activity Event Example

Listing Activity Channels

Similarily to listener events, you can the command below to list all of the channels that currently hve activities enabled.

d!activity list

Listing Activity Channels