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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Configuring Applications

This guide will have you the various application configuring commands with AppBot!


You can use the table of contents on your right to quickly find what you are looking for!

Helpful commands


Use a/select <shortID> to select an application. You will need this command before you start to edit your applications!

Posting the application

You can a/app post <channelID> to post the selected application to a channel! This will give a nice embed with an interaction to start the application process.


You can only have one interactive application message at a time!

Show application information

Use a/app show <shortID> to get information of an application!

app show example

Enabling, Disabling, Deleting

Have control over the status of your application with just one command! See the commands below.

Command Usages

a/app enable <shortID> # Enable an application for users to apply to.
a/app disable <shortID> # Disable an application so users can no longer apply.
a/app delete <shortID> # Permanently delete an application.


Deleting an application deletes the application and all of it's associated data permanently!

Edit the application

Use a/app edit to edit the applications settings itself such as the name, description, etc. The short ID is not editable!

Command Usages

a/app edit <field> <new info> # Edit the specific field with a new value.


Run a/app edit by itself to have a list of editable fields to use the command above with.

edit fields

Editing the Questions

You can edit the questions by using a/app questions <list/add/edit/remove>

Add, edit, or remove questions from an application.

Command Usages

a/app questions edit <Question name> # Edit an already existing question.
a/app questions remove <Question name> # Remove an already existing question.


You can find the question names by using a/app questions list!

Editing AppBot messages

Application status messages

Edit what the messages AppBot sends to users DM's with a/app messages! This is a premium feature.


The command a/app messages by itself will guide you through adding custom messages. Using a/app messages list will list the custom messages.

messages example

Application threads

Enable or disable AppBot creating threads on applications automatically in the channel its sent to with a/app threads [disable | enable]. This is a premium feature.

threads example

User Management

Commands to help manage what users can do with AppBot.


Set a user from applying to certain or all apps in a guild by using a/cooldown <clear/set/get> <User ID>.

a/cooldown set <User ID> <App Short ID / global> <number days> # Set a user's cooldown
a/cooldown clear <User ID> <App Short ID / global> # Clear a user's cooldown
a/cooldown get <User ID> # Get a user's cooldown status


Blacklist a user from applying to certain or all apps in a guild by using a/blacklist <add/remove/get/list>.

a/blacklist add <User ID> <App Short ID / global> [reason] # Add a user to the blacklist
a/blacklist remove <User ID> <App Short ID / global> # Remove a user from the blacklist
a/blacklist get <User ID> # Get a users blacklist status
a/blacklist list <App Short ID / global> # List the users blacklisted


The a/perms <set/remove/list> command manages a role's permission to interact with applications.


You can run a/perms to get the permission levels.

a/perms list                          # List of current configured permissions
a/perms set <Role> <Permission level> # Set a roles permissions
a/perms remove <Role> # Remove a roles permissions