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Welcome to the new documentation! Please bear with us as we complete migrations to this platform!

Basic Commands

Basic Commands of AppBot.

This will cover the basic commands for AppBot. You can find a table of contents to your right.


The list command shows all the current enable or disable applications in the guild.

There will be a check mark or x next to the applications name indicating whether it is disable or not. Checkmark for enable, X mark for disable.

info example image


The premium command list the guilds current premium status.


At the current time Premium is not readily available but if you may contact Jakey on our Support Server for AppBot premium inquiries.

What Premium Offers

Premium allows you to do many cool extra features to enhance the application experience.

a/app messagesSet custom messages for application status DM's.
a/app threadsEnable or disable AppBot creating threads automatically for each new application

Premium also have unlimited questions on an application, free only has 10 questions.


The perms command is an admin command to manage role's permission to interact with applications.


You can run a/perms to get the permission levels.

perms command

Command Usage

a/perms list # List of current configured permissions
a/perms set <Role> <Permission level> # Set a roles permissions
a/perms remove <Role> # Remove a roles permissions

Config prefix

The config prefix command lets you change the guilds custom prefix.

Command Usage

a/config prefix <Custom prefix

You can use a/prefix to get the current prefix configuration

prefix command


The track command lets you get the current state of an application

Command Usage

a/track <Response ID>


The blacklist allows you to blacklist a user from applying to certain or all apps in a guild.


By running the a/blacklist command, it gives you all the blacklist commands.

Command Usage

a/blacklist add <User ID> <App Short ID / global> [reason] # Add a user to the blacklist
a/blacklist remove <User ID> <App Short ID / global> # Remove a user from the blacklist
a/blacklist get <User ID> # Get a users current blacklist state
a/blacklist list <App Short ID / global> # List of blacklisted users by application or globally


The cooldown sets a user cooldown from applying to certain or all apps in a guild.


Run a/cooldown to get all cooldown commands.

Command Usage

a/cooldown set <User ID> <App Short ID / global> <days> # Set a users cooldown
a/cooldown clear <User ID> <App Short ID / global> # Clear a users cooldown
a/cooldown get <User ID> # Get the current state of a users cooldown

Additional Information

Commands info, prefix, invite, and ping have no arguments, you just need to type them.

Next step would be to create your applications! How exciting!